What is Coffee Fruit Extract?

Coffee supplements have been around for some time, ranging in product type and caffeine content. From green coffee beans to espresso chews, the supplement world has always appreciated coffee as a genuine ingredient in the health and wellness world. The latest coffee supplement trend is coffee fruit extract, a type of coffee supplement that has quite a few health benefits. But what is it and is it safe to use? Let’s take a look at coffee fruit extract and learn more about this new supplement:

Coffee fruit extract is a product of the coffee plant fruit, processed and extracted as a supplement for health and wellness benefits. Coffee beans are not actually beans, but seeds inside a bright red berry called a cherry. The coffee cherry fruit, once considered a useless part of the coffee plant, is the fruit that the extract comes from. It’s got a sweet, floral aroma and taste, similar to other reddish berries and fruits.

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Coffee fruit extract is a nootropic supplement, which is a type of energy-boosting supplement that may help with brain function and mental focus. A study suggests that coffee fruit extract may increase the percentage of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a complex protein responsible for multiple brain functions like neuron growth. This directly correlates to the brain’s plasticity, which is the ability to learn and memorize things. It’s also loaded with antioxidants, which can also play a role in brain and immune system health.

Coffee Fruit Extract contains caffeine, so it’s also a stimulant on top of a nootropic. Caffeine has a long list of possible health benefits that also include brain function, but it depends on the source. For instance, caffeine from energy drinks and sugary soda will not have the same benefits as coffee and coffee fruit extract. Taking coffee fruit extract is a great way to reap the benefits of caffeine, without the extra calories or artificial chemicals that energy drinks have. 

Generally, yes, coffee fruit extract is safe to use. As long as you’re not overly sensitive to caffeine, you should be fine. However, it’s important to remember that these supplements are not FDA-approved. Before trying any new supplement, consult with your doctor first. While coffee fruit extract is generally safe, it does contain caffeine and may not be safe for you to take.

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When buying coffee fruit extract, always make sure you are buying 100% real coffee fruit extract. Look for organic, premium brands of coffee fruit extract that use high-quality coffee cherries. Since supplements have little to no regulation, it’s crucial that you purchase from legitimate retailers and avoid cheap, low-quality products. Look at the label of the coffee fruit extract to ensure there are no other ingredients, which is a sign of a low-quality product.


Coffee fruit extract may seem like a hype “superfood”, but there is some science behind quite a few of the health benefit claims. It contains quite a few powerful chemicals that can boost your body’s immune system and brain function, without the crash from caffeine that coffee or other ‘focus’ supplements can cause. While the science is still fairly recent and there is limited data on it, adding coffee fruit extract to your supplement regime could be beneficial to your health. However, even though it’s considered a safe supplement to take, always clear it first with your doctor.

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