Check out this Minimalist Cafe In Brussels – The Best Coffee Shop Designs 2022

Are you looking to renovate your cafe in a color place? What are the best colors for a cafe? Are you searching for the best color composition for your coffee shop color design? Say no more – in this blog, we will guide you through the ultimate steps in choosing the perfect color for your cafe – learn from this colorful yet minimalist cafe in Brussels.

What Are the Best Colors For A Bar?

Nut-colored partitions and bronze mirrors characteristic in the two-tone Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, which serves up specialty espresso and nut butter which can be made on the website. This cafe uses the concepts from color psychology to attract customers using simple colors yet making their space appear as a colorful place.

Designed by Amsterdam studio HOP Architects, the 70-square-metre Buddy Buddy cafe is situated on the bottom ground of the town’s UN Studio-designed Le Toison d’Or constructing. Here are some restaurant wall painting ideas you can look into, the clear lines dividing two bright colors with stark contrast are the best colors for a cafe

Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

The house owners make their very own number of nut butter on the website, that is served in the cafe on toast and alongside different elements. Their coffee shop color design has inspired many others to use this color psychology to lure passersby into their coffee shops

To rejoice the truth that Buddy Buddy is each a cafe and nut butter atelier, the designers determined to create a two-tone inside.

Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

The curved counter and excessive seating areas that line the again half of the house and are completed in heat, nut-inspired colors together with metallic pink paint. The color composition is transforming the area into a seemingly colorful place with only two simple colors.

The different half of the house, nearest to the window, homes low seating areas and is completed in heat, milky-white colors that complement the constructing’s gray facade. This is no doubt very suitable for a restaurant color design.

Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

The two-tone impact is utilized to the partitions ground and ceiling to create a pointy distinction. HOP describes the zone in the center of the cafe the place the 2 colors meet as a “free zone” where customers can “wait, wander, linger, go searching or take selfies”.

Cow-print tiles and Tetris-style orange furnishings

The combination of the two colors have made the coffee shop color design striking and memorable. “The materialisation of the interior of Buddy Buddy plays a key role in the design,” mentioned HOP, which stands for Habitats of People. “Every little detail within the interior of Buddy Buddy is carefully thought out and complements the colourful character of the owners and the tasty experience of their nut butters.”

Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

Almost the entire mounted furnishings in the cafe is constructed from customized powder-coated metal components whereas the ground and repair counter is completed with a vibrant coating. This restaurant wall painting idea will inspire you to do the same, using color psychology to incorporate the best colors for a cafe.

Large bronze mirrors had been put in to create depth in the compact house.

Buddy Buddy cafe in Brussels, designed by HOP

The metal again wall was constructed up out of huge and heavy components that had been prefabricated in the Netherlands and constructed on the website by a group of workers. Restaurant color designs have never made simpler yet appealing.

The playful and vibrant pictures that characteristic throughout Buddy Buddy’s packaging and equipment had been designed by branding firm ByFutura. Color psychology is something you should definitely look into if your searching for the best coffee shop color design to transform your cafe into a colorful place.

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Photography is by Michael Cerrone.

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