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How to remodel your coffee shop into the iconic cafe counter design layout?

Beautifully designed, this blog will give you tips and the best ways to attract customers and create the iconic cafe design inspired by the best minimalist coffee shop in Abu Dhabi. This includes cafe counter design layouts that you’ll be able to use for your own cafe remodeling.

Iconic Cafe: Coffee Counter Design

A chunky pink-plaster counter dominates in any other case sparse inside of this cafe in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, which has been revamped.

La Petite is located in Al Ain’s Al Tiwayyah neighborhood and has been a preferred food and drinks spot amongst locals for a number of years.

Over time it had grown drained in look, encouraging its house owners to tweak its visible identification and menu. Amongst many things, the owners needed coffee counter designs that are going to improve the appearance of the coffee shop. Design studio Bone was introduced on board to utterly overhaul the cafe’s interiors.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

The iconic cafe with an 85-square-meter area is now anchored by an enormous service counter that is lined in dusty-pink plaster. It includes two different-sized blocks – the taller one conceals back-of-house utilities, whereas the decreased one is the place workers put together orders.

The cafe counter design layout is very different from what it used to be and the cafe cash counter design was among the many pieces of furniture that used stainless steel, creating an all-together sleeker, minimalistic look.

Directly in the entrance is a row of earth-tone seating poufs, permitting the decreased block to function as a spot for patrons to take pleasure in their drinks. A cushioned bench seat has additionally been built-in into the taller block. The same material was used in the coffee counter design.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

“We wanted to highlight the longitudinal nature of the space by designing a monolithic volume that functions as a working, serving, display, table, and seating surface – redefining the conventional coffee bar,” the studio informed Dezeen. The stainless steel coffee counters sure sculpted the cafe interiors to be smooth and pleasing.

“In order to avoid the volume feeling invasive, the idea was to create a sunken block that serves both the barista and the customer,” the studio continued.

“The goal was to achieve a fluid interaction between the customer seated in front of the bar and the barista at work behind the bar – where both eye levels meet.” This was how an iconic cafe interior design was made.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

More seating is out there on the alternative aspect of the cafe, the place a white communal couch runs the size of a whole wall. If you’re wondering if you should include a commercial coffee counter made with stainless steel, the answer is yes.

The material is able to withstand a long-lasting period of time, giving you fewer worries for renovation, not to mention that these cafe counter design ideas add a polished look to the overall look of your coffee shop interiors.

This takes cues from the Arabic time period majlis – a personal lounge or reception room the place friends are entertained, sometimes sitting on ground cushions that can be positioned across the periphery of the room.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

Blocky metal aspect tables and black-frame chairs from multidisciplinary design studio Frama have additionally been used to brighten the area, in addition to a handful of vases stuffed with wildflowers.

Say no more, because this coffee counter design could be incorporated into most uses around the equipment of your coffee shop, whether you’re opening a cafe or looking for new coffee shop design ideas.

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Minimalist Hoof Cafe: Coffee Counter Design

Surfaces all through have been washed with sandy-beige plaster, the color meant as a refined nod to Al Ain’s desert panorama.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

The glass doorways that beforehand fronted the cafe have been changed by 3.2 meter-high glazed panels. These might be concertinaed to open up the area to a graveled outside terrace that is dressed with informal fold-out timber chairs. The stainless counter table design matches the metal chairs and the overall cool tone of the room.

Customers can alternatively perch on the high-back cushions which have been positioned on the cafe’s steps, their backs facing a coffee counter design spread across the room behind.

La Petite cafe in Al Ain, designed by Bone

La Petite is the most recent cafe to be accomplished by Bone, which just lately developed the interiors of the Hoof eatery in Ras Al Khaimah.

Designed to resemble horse stalls, the area boasts tough plaster partitions and big, trough-like steel sinks. This cafe counter design layout embodies the theme of minimalism and will hopefully give you more insight on counter table designs using stainless steel and cooperating different types of materials in renovating the interiors of your coffee shop layout.

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Photography is by Oculis Project.

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Project credit:

Design: Bone
Contractor: Fusion
Custom mineral plaster finishes: Optimum Gulf
Interior architectural lighting: PSLab
Exterior lighting: Flos
Table lamps: In Common With
Door system: Oryx
Furniture: Gervasoni, Frama, Skargaarden, Ethnicraft

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