All Things Green – Using Plants and Monochrome Colours For Your Cafe

In recent days, the use of monochrome designs with indoor plants for cafe designs has risen to popularity as it provides a sleek outlook for any coffee shop. In this blog, we’ll guide you through how to fit your coffee shop designs into today’s mainstream ideas.

What is the best color for the coffee shop interior in 2022?

Green is a great color for cafes. The use of green in interior design can have a variety of meanings. It can represent nature, freshness, and growth. It can also be seen as a calming color that can help to relax the mind and body. Other than painting the walls or furniture green, the easier way to achieve the green vibe is by incorporating a lot of indoor plants.

What are the benefits of using plants to decorate your cafe interior?

Plants are good for cafes because they add a natural and fresh look to the space. They also provide a relaxing and healthy vibe to the coffee shop interior. The plant room aesthetic is trending on Tiktok, Tumblr and Instagram, with the proper room theme you can easily use plants to dress up your cafe to attract people to visit and take photos for social media platforms (free marketing!). Plants are also much cheaper than many other types of decor, such as neon lights, signages, etc. Additionally, plants can help to improve the air quality in a cafe, as they are known to produce oxygen. You can even grow edible flowers or herbs in the cafe, then use them in your cooking or decorating of the drinks (These specialty drinks and foods can become the signature dishes for your coffee shop!).

What are the disadvantages of using plants to decorate your cafe interior?

There are many advantages to using plants for a cafe interior, but there are also disadvantages.

One disadvantage is that plants can be difficult to maintain, and they may require frequent watering or pruning. If you are worried about maintenance esp for those plants hanging on the corners of the hard-to-reach ceilings, try artificial plants as a solution. You should also be careful not to include any houseplants that are poisonous to pets. Make sure to check out this list to see if any of your chosen plants are poisonous to your customers’ dogs or cats.

What green color scheme looks good for coffee shops?

When decorating a cafe with plants, it is important to consider the colors that work well together. It is also important to think about how the space will be used. For example, if the cafe is going to be used as a meeting place for clients, it might be best to stick with neutral colors like white or light brown. However, if the cafe is meant to be more of a relaxing environment where people can read or take a break from work, then using brighter colors might be more appealing. You may also use color schemes that give strong visual contrast to give a branding effect.

  • For green color, blue and purple are good choices because they are the two opposite colors on the color wheel. This makes them complementary and helps to create a harmonious atmosphere in any space.
  • If you mix green with orange and green, it will create a cheerful, happy color. This is because green and orange are the two most common colors in the visible spectrum. They are also complementary colors – that is, when they’re combined, they create a richer hue than either color would on its own.
  • The green and black room have a mysterious, edgy feeling that is full of characters. Think industrial or goth interior design filled with plants.

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Monochrome tiles and rich-green fixtures pervade this much-loved neighborhood cafe in Melbourne, which has been revamped by Australian design studio Biasol. This industrial cafe design filled with plants is what you need to look for in 2022.

Serving up espresso, cocktails, and a spread of dishes that draw from international cuisines, Main Street has been a go-to eating spot for residents of Melbourne’s Mordialloc suburb for over a decade.

Biasol was introduced on board to revamp the all-day cafe, which over time had grown drained in look. Its proprietor was additionally hoping the recent interiors would function as a “token of gratitude” to members of the encircling neighborhood who have been visiting Main Street since its early days. The clean look of an industrial coffee shop design has attracted many youngsters, including photographers who are looking for a visually appealing backdrop.

Main Street cafe in Melbourne, designed by Biasol

“The design needed to be casual and vibrant to seamlessly integrate into the streetscape and suburb,” said the studio. Industrial cafe design has been more popular than ever, take inspiration from this cafe if you’re looking for a beautiful industrial design.

“We looked to our favorite New York diners for inspiration, taking cues from their classic, nostalgic styling, and their lively, hip, and ever-welcoming atmosphere.”

Main Street cafe in Melbourne, designed by Biasol

What is an industrial cafe interior design? Rectangular blocks of black-and-white tiles have been utilized in a slanted formation throughout the cafe’s flooring, subtly mimicking the checkerboard flooring seen in typical American diners.

Prism-shaped tiles have then been used to create a faceted, jade-green bar counter.

Industrial Design: What Your Cafe Could Look Like

This industrial cafe interior includes simple bar stools upholstered in almost-black cloth from Danish model Kvadrat sit immediately in the entrance, whereas vine crops path down from a black-metal shelving unit that is suspended immediately overhead.

This can also be used to overtly show the cafe’s choice of drink bottles.

Main Street cafe in Melbourne, designed by Biasol

An emerald banquette winds around a peripheral wall, tying in with the green color scheme. The base of every seating sales space has then been inlaid with slim forest-green and sage-tone tiles. This cafe design’s cool colors piece together a well-fitted composition that is much more appealing to the eyes. Fitting for an industrial design.

The studio additionally determined to take care of the cafe’s exposed-brick surfaces, merely washing them with a skinny coat of white paint.

“They reveal the fabric and history of the building, affirming Main Street’s identity as a long-standing neighborhood destination,” added Biasol.

Main Street cafe in Melbourne, designed by Biasol

Biasol was established in 2012 and relies simply on the exterior of central Melbourne within the suburb of Cremorne.

Industrial cafe interior design has been one of the popular design techniques for a sleek look in 2022. Click on one of our more recent posts for a continuing series of best color compositions for your cafe design.

Photography is by Jack Lovel.

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